• Quality is the foundation of our company and its products.

DMECH, Inc., endeavors to build value into its products that can be sustained over the long term by meeting or exceeding customers' needs for quality they can trust.

By adhering to the highest standards for handling each and every customer account, we serve to shape our image for quality and to build our reputation for excellence.

We, at DMECH, Inc., are fully dedicated to achieving top quality standards in our industry for our customers and for consumers alike.

  • Quality wins customer trust and confidence.

We, at DMECH, Inc., maintain a high level of commitment in providing products and services to our customers that either meet or exceed their needs while keeping their preferences in mind.

We will win the confidence and trust of our customers and consumers by being continuously open to their input, understanding their expectations, and consistently satisfying their needs.

Our customers and consumers are continuously at the forefront of our attention and efforts. We recognize their legitimate interest in the actions of our company, in which they place their trust.

  • Quality is not a 50%-50% proposition. It is everyone's responsibility.

At DMECH, Inc., our management team takes the lead, sets high standards, and consistently demonstrates its commitment towards quality by both practicing and living what we preach.

All partners across our supply chain are fully responsible for observing mandatory principles and instructions for maintaining agreed upon quality standards and for continuously improving them.

Our quality personnel at all levels are the guardians of quality, food safety, and regulatory compliance. They promote quality awareness, assess performance, and challenge the organization to sustain and improve quality standards.

We communicate our quality standards to our business partners who are expected to share our commitment to quality and to consistently meet our requirements in this regard.

  • Quality means striving for zero defects and no waste.

At DMECH, Inc., we focus on data driven results, and we strive for zero defects and excellence in everything we do.

We evince a winning 'no waste' attitude, and we constantly strive for competitiveness and opportunities for continuous improvement of the quality standards delivered to our customers and consumers.

  • Quality means guaranteeing food safety standards and full compliance.

At DMECH, Inc., we enforce full compliance with the mandatory standards and principles of our quality management system, which includes food safety, regulatory, and quality requirements in every step of our supply chain.

We measure our quality performance, as well as the satisfaction of our customers and consumers by consistently being open to accepting their input. Errors and omissions are meticulously analyzed in order to trigger an immediate action plan for their correction and improvement.

We consistently strive for the flawless execution of our quality standards throughout our organization, which is based on rigorous discipline, and proactive, open communication.