September 7th, 2017 - Disaster Relief Efforts

During the months of August and September, we supplied 10,000 Spiforks to Matthew 25: Ministries ( as part of our initiative to aid with disaster relief efforts for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Naturally, we hope that the victims of these events are faring well, and we wish all those who were affected a speedy recovery in the aftermath of these storms.

April 6th, 2017 - Sales Advertisement

The Classic 'Snap Apart' SPĪFORK® is an 'all-in-one' disposable eating utensil that adds a new twist on an old theme -- it's a one piece unit that handily snaps apart to create a fork, spoon, and knife!

The SPĪFORK® brand of eating utensils was designed with both minimum environmental impact in mind and to be an ideal companion to those customers who are constantly 'on the go'!

With its highly efficient design, the Classic 'Snap Apart' SPĪFORK® provides a number of advantages over current disposable cutlery designs in the marketplace today, such as significant overhead cost reductions for restaurateurs versus the purchase of traditional multi-piece cutlery kits, and a highly integrated 'three-utensils-in-one' design that never permits anyone to omit or forget the inclusion of a specific utensil in an order or purchase, all while being a greener product.

We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and presently have two (2) surplus lots of Classic 'Snap Apart' SPĪFORK® utensils available for purchase.

The first lot comprises approximately 10 cases with 25 cartons per case. Each carton contains 50 Spiforks. This first lot would be perfect for a number of outlets including convenience/salvage grocery stores and similar locations.

We also have a second lot comprising approximately 12 large bulk surplus cases available with 2,000 Spiforks per case. This lot would be a good fit for restaurants, delicatessens, and cafeterias, among others.

Each lot is priced at $250, which should be an absolutely unbeatable deal for the right buyer(s)!

The lots can be broken up, so that an individual large bulk case of 2,000 Spiforks can be purchased for just $20.00 per case. At this price, you would be getting the functionality of three utensils for the price of just one penny! A large bulk case such as this would be perfect for larger get-togethers such as church or lodge dinners and similar gatherings.

A smaller individual case of prepackaged Spiforks in cartons is also priced at $20.00.

The Spiforks that we currently have for sale are surplus units from a first generation manufacturing run, and some may be slightly irregular in shape, but are still fit to eat with. For additional information, you may visit to learn more about the Spifork.

We are also selling individual sample cartons of Spiforks! Each carton contains a 50 unit count and can be shipped directly to you for just $10 in the continental United States. (Postage has already been included in the stated price above.)

Our company is actively seeking distributors for this item.

For further details, please visit

Thank you.

- DMECH, Inc.