While we have a seemingly endless list of wonderful individuals to thank, we would like to begin with Mr. Dominic Ciafiardini and Mr. Vince Wood of Alimento Ventures, Inc., of Blue Ash, Ohio, for believing in us and our brand enough to purchase half of the available stock we had on hand in August of 2017, for distribution to local restaurants, delicatessens, and caterers.

Naturally, we wish you both all the very best with sales in these various venues and will do everything required to lend our assistance in any manner necessary along the way!

Additionally, we would like to thank Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, the thirteenth World Chess Champion, for the inspirational speech he delivered at the May, 2015, St. Louis University Commencement Address!

Grandmaster Kasparov's oft-repeated statement during his speech that "hard work is never wasted" has made a lasting and tremendous impact on us throughout our very challenging journey to build our Spifork brand into a world class product line.

Accordingly, we gratefully provide a video link to Grandmaster Garry Kasparov's speech here.