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The great philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, once famously stated, "If you know the why for living, you can endure almost any how." Check out our Spifork Manifesto to learn all about the why behind the Spifork brand!

The Spifork brand is all about producing outstanding product offerings for the masses - not the classes! Take a look at our 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee!*

We're not only out to create great products that slash costs! One of our chief goals is to significantly reduce wastage while putting a major dent in the output of non-biodegradable plastics pollution to our environment. Join us!

The Classic Spifork is a fork, knife, and spoon all rolled into one! Learn more about what other features make it so versatile and desirable!


That's right. Kick the tires, slam the doors, rev the engine. This is where the rubber meets the road! Try the Spifork brand at your restaurant, eatery, or convenience store risk free!*


Our competitors typically use anywhere from 9 to 17 grams of non-biodegradable plastic to produce a complete set of disposable eating utensils or multi-piece cutlery kit.

We can effectively do the same thing using only about 5 grams. Read on to find out how!


Read about the main players and key figures who motivated us to get this far with developing the Spifork brand. With a tip of our hats, we proudly dedicate this website to them!

Learn about the latest and greatest happenings with the Spifork brand!

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We provide you with quality products and service. All the time, every time! Read more about our company's quality policy here.